Shortcut Homemade Pizza

I won’t lie—pizza is just about the perfect food. It has grains, vegetables (when made correctly), plenty of protein… and, if store-bought, has oodles of salt and fat. My scale—and my clothes—warned me plainly that if I wanted to enjoy one of my favourite foods on a semi-regular basis, I needed to come up with a formula that wouldn’t load the pounds on.

I’ve made pizza at home in the past. I’ve experimented with different dough recipes, different ingredients, learned the hard way not to load too much of any ingredient on (my oven would have made a very good garbage disposal), but of all things, what stopped me from making pizza regularly was all the work that went into making the dough. You know: measure, mix, knead, rise (and make sure you find a place that’s warm enough to let the bread rise without baking it, which is harder than it seems in my formerly Canadian kitchen), time the process, etc. I simply haven’t the brain power left by the time it strikes dinner o’clock. I have it on good authority that kneading and punching dough is a great stress reliever… by the time I get to it, the only thing that would relieve my stress is to kick the dough out of the window.

Anyway, passive-aggressive tendencies aside… I finally came across a bread machine recipe for pizza dough! (I know, I know, regular recipes can be adapted for use with a bread machine… need I remind you this blog is about indolence?) It seemed too good to be true: use the bread machine to make the dough, including rising time which I didn’t have to time myself, then stretch it out (no rolling!), dress and bake. Can’t get much easier than that.

The pizza dough recipe I used can be found here. As you can see, it has only half a teaspoon of salt, and a mere two teaspoons of honey instead of refined sugar. The recipe is for a 12″ round pan (I think), but I just used the cookie sheet that came with the temporary, furnished apartment, and stretched it to fit. I also make this pizza sauce and keep it frozen so we always have it on hand. Have a look:

Bonus: the kids love it! Every time I make it, they ask for at least one more slice. *warm and fuzzy feeling* Score!


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